A zoologist by trade, I split my time between academia, conservation, education and wildlife guiding. My research on cetaceans initially focused on environmental chemistry, but later  passive acoustics.

My introduction to photography was for scientific research, namely photo-identification to track  whale migrations. Gradually, it dawned on me (i.e. friends said so) that my photography was also expressive. My favourite photos show animals tolerating inclement conditions or environments: thriving where us humans would barely survive. 

Although a faux-pas in zoology, I find myself personifying wild animals through my photography. Sometimes whimsically, sometimes with a serious message. Anthropomorphising animals  makes their lives more relatable, allowing us to better appreciate and perhaps want to conserve them.

(bio photograph by Emily Mount)


2020: 17th Smithsonian Magazine Photo Contest: Winner (Natural World)

2020: Bird Photographer of the Year Competition: Shortlisted (Birds in the Environment)

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